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Château DEDIEU – Bordeaux – France

I discovered this wine of ‘Château DEDIEU’ from Bordeaux a few years ago,  and it’s always a real pleasure to rediscover the land and the quality of work of this young winemaker.Vignes_Dedieu


The wine comes from 21 ha of land, on 3 different villages, 25 minutes from the main city of ‘Bordeaux’. Grapes comes from 3 different places with some specificities for each village. The final high quality wine comes from all these differences and becomes very balanced with lots of flavors. The land from Aubie Espessas is located on clay-limestone soils, land of St. Andre de Cubzac lies on gravelly soil, and the Salignac is on sandy soils. Very few Castle have so many differences which permit to mix grapes in order to have huge quality red wines.



This Castle is directed and owned by the actuel winemaker, from 1996. Before, his family had this Castle for a very long time, in the ‘Bordeaux’ and ‘french’ tradition. Artisanal production is in the continuity of cultivation and vinification of his ancestors. This winemaker is very close to nature and works very intelligently. For example, he cuts his vines as directed “double Guyot”, which has the advantage of spreading the grapes very evenly on the vine.


Artisanal winemaking is followed several times a day to control the evolution of the wines very precisely to find exceptional quality each year. Several small stainless steel tanks tailored to the size of the vineyards are used to vignifier black varietals merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. The fermentation takes place between 25 and 28 degrees to retain maximum fruitiness. At the end of fermentation, the temperature is increased to 30 degrees to increase the strucure.

The wines of Château DEDIEU are very representative of the Bordeaux vineyards and artisanal tradition, with a producer who works very seriously. The wines are always a great taste quality, balanced and fruity, very pleasant in the mouth.