‘Premier Cru’ Champagne small Producer

Great time with this champagne producer, located in the Premier Cru area of Champagne, in France. I visited all the facilities of the cooperative that owns the winemaking equipment and produce wines of great quality. All is very clean and they do extremely serious work in this village of Champagne Premier Cru.

The wines are made at 90% of black grapes and 10% white grapes. The black grapes provide a very fruity wine, while white grapes are used to provide better care in the long term.

Dégustation des Champagnes Premiers Crus
Premier Cru Champagne tasting in the company of Producer
La cave coopérative où sont vinifiés la plupart des champagnes du village
La  The cooperative winery where are vinified most Champagnes of the village producers.
Les pressoirs vus du dessus, utilisés pendant les vendanges
Les Presses viewed from above, used during the harvest.
Visite des installations
Le The underside of the presses, where the white juice springs.
Les cuves géantes ultra modernes
Giant vats, ultra modern!
Toujours les cuves, avec système de régulation thermique nouvelle génération
Always tanks with new thermal control system generation
Les barriques de vieillissement des meilleures cuvées
The barrel for the best vintages
L'ancienne méthode de tournage
The old method of turning bottles
Les nouvelles machines pour le tournage, plus rapides, 5 jours au lieu de 15 jours, et meilleures performances
The new machines for turning bottles, faster, 5 days instead of 15 days, and better performance.
Quelques stocks de champagnes !
Some stocks of Champagne…
L'ancien pressoir
Old presses!


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